The Legend Of Doodle

Coming soon to Windows, OS X, PS4 and PS Vita

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"Drawn outside the line...
do you see how we are made?"

An invasion. The King corrupted. The Kingdom consumed. The people in chains. At the farthest outskirts of the land of Page, two strangers find themselves all that's left to rise up and strike back. Join Doodle, the peasant, and Ebony, the princess, as they dodge hazards, duel monsters, and uncover secrets in a desperate bid to erase the mistake of the Inks-- and escape Perfect Black Eternity.

Barren lands, twisting paths, and a seemingly unstoppable set of of foes... will you succumb to the horror, be splattered in the margins and left to erasure? Or will you affirm your place as a legend, storm right into the keep and save the Kingdom? Get scrawled into The Legend of Doodle - an exploratory platformer with an emphasis on elegant simplicity!


  • Over 1111+ individual screens
  • A large, interconnected world that's begging to be explored
  • Environments as densely-packed as they are mechanically-diverse
  • Hazardous treks and perilous leaps that are tough but always fair
  • High-stakes boss encounters that are frequent and full of surprises
  • A warm, hand-drawn aesthetic that's easy on the eyes
  • An atmospheric soundtrack to complement a journey into the unknown
  • Flexible tag-in/tag-out co-op to take turns with a friend
  • Secret areas to uncover! Unlockable bonus modes! Collectible hats!!!
Windows Mac PlayStation family PlayStation 4 PlayStation Vita PSN